A Little Rain Oracle
A Little Rain is a botanical Oracle featuring 50 unique floral illustrations. This deck will be available for pre-order at the end of October

A little Rain Oracle Card flip through & box mockup.

In early 2022, I took a sabbatical as I was dealing with burnout and severe art block. During that time, I ended up drawing a bunch of flower illustrations and getting into the language and stories of flowers. The process of creating art was therapeutic and it eventually led me to create A Little Rain oracle.

Due to the circumstances this deck was created, I wrote the book with the intention of giving guidance and advice to those going through a rough time right now, hence the name – ‘A Little Rain’, from the saying A little Rain will help the flowers grow…

A Little Rain Botanical Oracle is now available as Limited Edition set of 2000 decks only. The deck features 50 unique botanical illustrations + 2 bonus cards from my personal collection of illustrations! Get one for yourself today: