A 78 Card animal-themed Tarot illustrated and designed by Ambi Sun. Check out highlighted illustrations from the deck along with design changes throughout the years.

The Oriens Tarot Deck is an animal-themed card deck that uses its ornate imagery to reflect nature through mythical and ethereal means, allowing you to spiritually connect with the universe and yourself through the exquisite art of divination. 

The deck features 78 full-color tarot cards that are suitable for both beginners, enthusiasts, and the advanced tarot reader. It also makes a great gift for art enthusiasts and animal lovers.

The Oriens Animal Tarot is was first self published on Kickstarter. It went through two design changes in its indie publishing phase along with a mini deck. The Oriens Animal tarot is now published by Rockpool and can be found in major bookstores worldwide.

Scroll down to checkout highlighted illustrations from the deck and  checkout the deck’s transformation throughout the years. 

Oriens Animal Tarot throughout the years
First & Mini edition
The first edition deck was funded on Kickstarter. The box comes with a magnetic lid box, gold foil emblem the cards are gilded with holographic edges,
Second Edition
The second edition deck comes with red gilded edges and a sturdy two piece box.
Third Edition
Published by Rockpool, this deck is now available worldwide
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